Cheryl Howerton, Candidate for Eastland County JP-1

Cheryl-300To the Citizens of Eastland County:

As a candidate for the Office of Justice of the Peace- Precinct 1, I would like to inform you of my intentions- if elected to represent you as Justice of the Peace. The Oath of Office states that “we shall execute the duties of the office and to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States and of this State, so help me God.” I give a solemn promise that I will execute and perform all duties of the office. I will be available to the citizens and law enforcement to ensure the duties of each agency are performed. I will not be on call on specific days, I will be available every day. As an Eastland Justice of the Peace, I will work to bring honor and respect to this office while ensuring Justice is served.

I understand individuals make mistakes and often need to be given assistance to turn the mistake around. I will provide this assistance. I will also ensure that those who need to accept responsibility for their actions, will do so. As Cisco Municipal Court Judge, I have proven that I am very capable of handling the responsibilities and duties of a Judge. Cisco Municipal Court is a part-time position and with the permission of Cisco City Council, I will perform both offices. I have attended numerous Judge schools, Impaired Driving Symposiums, Legislative Updates, and complete any required educational classes required of my position. Judges are required to attend updated sessions every year. I have 54 College hours of Business and Criminal (GPA 3.33) with secondary Agriculture education. My College Transcript will be available for review. I have many hours of Human Resource training in Discrimination, Harassment, and Ethical Practices. I have completed training in Workplace Violence and Homeland Security training. My job experience includes State/Federal Agriculture positions in Quarantine, Compliance and Agricultural Inspector/Investigator in Pesticide and Regulatory Enforcement. I was required to present investigative information in Administrative and Criminal hearings. Each of my positions required dealing with the public and responding in a positive, professional manner.

I am a mother of four successful adults and grandmother to three wonderful grandchildren. I am a member/officer of the Eastland Chapter #280, Order of the Eastern Star. Although I have only been in Texas since 2004, I call Eastland home. I want to see Eastland County progress and be a part of this progress. I will be available in Rising Star and Cisco weekly to enable easier access for Eastland County residents. I will also ensure that Eastland County Justice of the Peace Court is impartial and fair; while enforcing the laws of our great State for all citizens.

I welcome any calls, emails, or questions regarding my campaign. Please feel free to contact me at, my campaign Facebook at Cheryl Howerton for Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1 or Post Office Box 142, Eastland, Texas 76448.

I look forward to working for the citizens of Eastland County and Precinct 1. I would greatly appreciate your support and your vote on March 6th!


Cheryl Howerton

Political Statement Authorized by Cheryl Howerton