Chad Roberts Candidate for Eastland County Sheriff

My name is Chad Roberts, I am a Conservative Republican and I want to be your Sheriff.

I am not an experienced politician, but rather a public servant with a desire and the heart to make Eastland County a safe place to live and raise a family. Being Sheriff shouldn’t be about politics. It should be about doing everything within your power to ensure the safety and peace of the community by employing proactive police methods rather than reactive. I am passionate about decreasing crime and violence. As the county’s chief law enforcement officer, I will continue my passion to protect and serve the people of this county, and to make our home a place everyone can remain proud of.

I grew up in Haskell and after attending Haskell High School, in 1994 I enlisted in the Texas State Guard, beginning my law enforcement career as a member of the military police force. In 1995, I graduated from the Vernon Regional Police Academy in Wichita Falls and then in 2006, I received my Master Peace Officer certification as well as completed my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration. In 2017, I graduated from the 54th Texas Police Chief Leadership Academy at Sam Houston State University. During my career as a public servant, I have completed more than 2,500 hours of Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) training, earned a jailer certification, and have been an active member of the Texas Sheriff’s Association for the past 16 years. Additionally, I have more than 200 hours of experience with incident command through the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA).

Currently, I am in my fourth year as the city manager for the City of Ranger, and about to start my third year as serving in the dual role as Chief of Police for the city. During my time with the City of Ranger, we have lowered the property tax rate and reduced expenses by protecting our tax dollars. The City of Ranger has 26 employees with a $3.8 million budget compared to the Sheriff’s Office and Jail with 32 employees and operate on a budget of $2.5 million.

My wife, Vickie and I are active throughout Eastland County in various activities. Having moved to Eastland county several years ago, we are proud to call Eastland County our home. We have been together for over 23 years and have three children, one that is grown and two of whom currently attend Ranger High School. Vickie has been a nurse for the last 8 years and works locally. My family is active partners with the Woodbridge Church in Ranger and yes, I am a Christian.

As you look at each candidate for Sheriff, ask and evaluate what each of us have done for our communities on a volunteer basis. Shouldn’t it be important to evaluate what each of us have given back to our community? I am a certified Emergency Medical Technician and an active member of the Ranger Fire/EMS Department, as well as serving as a member of and as the past president of the Ranger Lions Club which is heavily involved in our community. I would also encourage you to ask the fireman in your community, volunteer and paid, who they believe would be the best candidate for Sheriff. Also please ask other peace officers from various other cities and state police agencies that have to work with the Sheriff’s Office on a daily basis, who they believe would be the best Sheriff for Eastland County.

As your sheriff, I will foster relationships with other law enforcement agencies and governmental officials to make Eastland County a standard by which the rest of the state will be measured. I will work aggressively to seek grants and loan forgiveness programs, and would encourage our county to join the cities of Cisco, Eastland and Ranger who have formed a partnership for a mental health officer to serve their cities so that the mental health officer can assist with entire county’s needs. I am the only candidate that has been consistently active in the Child Advocacy Center’s Multi-Disciplinary Team that assists in the investigations of crimes against children in Eastland County. I will also work tirelessly to assist our rural communities to improve their safety and security, and to create an atmosphere of proactive community policing in which every resident of Eastland County will be served. I will be a working Sheriff – one that patrols and participates in criminal investigations. I will see that my Chief Deputy patrols and works criminal investigations just as the deputies will.

As sheriff, I will work hard to keep Eastland County safe with thorough criminal investigations while seeking maximum prosecutions. According to state data, approximately 19,000 people live within the 932 square miles of land that we call Eastland County. Additionally, more than 24,000 vehicles pass through our county each day on Interstate 20. Each and every person who lives here, or passes through, deserves and expects a sheriff’s office that is easily accessible with one purpose – the safety and integrity of our county. As sheriff, I will also be a vocal activist for the protection of your Second Amendment rights to bear arms. As sheriff, I will work hard to ensure those rights are not infringed upon.

I believe the Eastland County Sheriff’s Office should be fiscally responsible to the taxpayers of our county. As your sheriff, I will make every effort to be conservative with our tax dollars because I, too, am a taxpayer and want to know that the money we earmark for law enforcement is wisely spent. I have extensive experience in governmental accounting standards and have received exemplary financial audits. As your sheriff, I can promise we will be responsive and active to everyone’s needs as well as financially responsible with the funds given to us by our taxpayers. I am the only candidate that has had the exclusive responsibility for developing and managing a budget of the magnitude that the Sheriff’s Office has. I believe that I am also the only candidate that has had direct and exclusive supervision over an entire governmental agency’s employees. The Sheriff of this county not only needs the skills of a lawman, but the tried and tested skills of a personnel and financial manager as well.

My experience on the management as well as the law enforcement side makes me the best candidate for the position of Eastland County Sheriff. It is my passion to serve as a public servant. I have been honored to serve the citizens of Texas to the best of my abilities throughout my career, and I look forward to serving many years as your elected sheriff.

I ask for your prayers, support and vote in the Republican Primary on March 3, 2020. May God bless you, the citizens of Eastland County, in all things.
Respectfully, Chad Roberts

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