High School Football Scores Oct 30

Cisco 75 – Eastland 47 ; Ranger 16 – Perrin Whitt 47; Rising Star 42 – Gustine 44; Gorman 21 – Santo 30; Strawn 75 – Gordon 8; Breckenridge 0 – Snyder 35; Ballinger 6 – Colorado City 28;

Rogue’s Fearless Football Picks

Cisco vs Eastland @ Cisco – The Mavs stepped up last week and made the playoffs. This week the Lobos are a much tougher challenge. The Mavs can score and could surprise the Lobos if Cisco dosn’t see to business. Both offenses are good , the Lobos have a much better defense. Cisco by 8 […]

Rogue’s Fearless Football Picks

Cisco Vs Hawley; More meat for the Pack of Lobos.(Canis lupus). Should be not much left of Hawley after the Lobos feed. Eastland Vs Merkle:This is a big one , they appear evenly matched. Eastland tends to fold in big games. If they win , it means the playoffs. I am not convinced that the […]

Eastland vs Anson Game cancelled and rescheduled

The Eastland Mavericks and fans arrived at Anson ready for a game, but it seems the referees didn’t show up.  Not sure where the communication problem was but the game had to be rescheduled.   Eastland vs. Anson will meet in the morning in Eastland at 9:00 a.m. to try it again.

Rogue’s Fearless Football Picks

Cisco vs Clyde:Clyde is a good team, but not nearly as good as Cisco, This year the Cisco coaching staff got even better than last year, Clyde lost ground in coaching talent compared to last year. Lobos by 24 Eastland Vs Anson: This should be an easy one. But with Eastland one never knows which […]

Rogues Fearless Football Picks

Anson @ Cisco;  Lobos have a another easy week on their march to the state 2A Championship Game.  They cruise by 40 Eastland @ Hawley;  This game is for a playoff spot the way I see it. The looser has almost no chance to make the playoffs. Hawley wins due to three factors. Hawley did […]

Friday Night Football Schedule

Gorman @ Archer City; Evant (1-1) @ Strawn (3-1).   It’s homecoming for the Strawn Greyhounds.  Events for homecoming include Wednesday night’s bonfire @ 8:30 p.m. at the baseball field,  pep rally Friday at 2:50 p.m., and the mini-cheerleaders will be performing at half time of Friday night’s game. Eastland, Cisco, Ranger, Rising Star and Gordon […]

Sept 25 High School Football Scores

Cisco 47 – Colorado City 6 Eastland 66 – Jim Ned 23 Hawley 38 – Ranger 0 Sidney 61 – Rising Star 16 Bosqueville 55 – Gorman 13 Strawn 54 – Woodson 16 Abilene Christian 48 – Gordon 44

Friday Night Football Schedule

Jim Ned (3-1) @ Eastland (1-3) Colorado City (4-0) @ Cisco (4-0) Hawley (1-3) @ Ranger (0-4) Gorman (2-1) @ Bosqueville (3-1) Rising Star (2-1) @ Sidney (4-0) Abilene Christian (1-3) @ Gordon (0-4) Woodson (3-1) @ Strawn (2-1)

Rogue’s Fearless Football Picks

Cisco vs Colorado City- The Lobos face the undefeated Wolves. A distinction the Wolves can savor a few more days before the Lobos rout them by 38 Eastland vs Jim Ned- Last week the Mavs let me down after picking them to step up, They were beaten up on by a quality 1A Albany team. […]