Brief Closures of I-20 and SH 16 Expected Friday

TxDOT logoEASTLAND COUNTY – On Friday, August 24, beginning at 8 a.m., motorists traveling eastbound and westbound on I-20 in Eastland County should anticipate brief delays as crews temporarily close the highway on two separate occasions to install high mast lighting at two separate locations near the intersection with SH 16. Motorists traveling on SH 16 should also anticipate brief closures at I-20.

The outside lanes of I-20 will be closed first as crews move their equipment in place to begin work. All lanes of I-20 and SH 16 will then close temporarily while crews install the lighting in the first location, which may delay traffic by up to 15 minutes.

SH 16 and the inside lanes of I-20 will reopen as crews move to the second location. The temporary closures of all lanes on both highways will then be repeated as crews install lighting in the second location.

Motorists are reminded to drive with caution in the construction area, where the speed limit is reduced to 55 mph. Traffic fines double in work zones when workers are present.

For ongoing traffic updates and additional information on the project, follow TxDOT Brownwood District’s Twitter feed, @TxDOT_BWD, and/or visit the project webpage at (key word search “I-20 Ranger Hill”).