Andrew Richard Martin

Andrew MartinOnce upon a time in a galaxy far, far, away… On Jan. 8th 1967, Andrew Richard Martin was born to Lee Roy Martin and Katie Juanita Forbes in Ukiah, California. Andrew was the middle child having one older brother, Ray, and a younger sister named Angela.

Andrew referred to himself as Andy and had many friends growing up through the years in school.  Andy played football and began a love of computers as well as being a genius when it came to math.

After school Andy moved to Plainview and went to school at Wayland Baptist University. Andy floated around to different places but always ended up in Mingus.  In 1990 Andy joined the US Army for the next 3 years.

After the Army, Andy worked in a number of places and doing different things. Like I said before, Andy always ended up back at home in Mingus.

Eight years ago he met the love of his life, Angie Ellis Martin.  They shared a love that not one other person could compare with. Andy had two daughters and Angie had two sons that were brought into the family.

In 2015 Andy became ill, he went to the doctor and was told his liver was bad and had an infection causing fluid to build up in his lungs and stomach. In August he was in the hospital for awhile and sent to a rehab center then home when strong enough.  Andy enjoyed Thanksgiving at home with the family even mentioning to his sister how good he was doing.  Soon after things took a turn and now Andy has been set free of his pain and is watching over all his angels left here on earth.

Andy is preceded in death by his parents and both sets of grandparents.

Andy is survived by his wife Angie, daughters Shelby and Abigail, stepsons Zach and Jarad, brother Ray and wife Rhonda, sister Angela and boyfriend Jason, many nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles and many, many friends who are family to him.

Until we meet again…..

May the force be with you and Godspeed….. Andy

A memorial service will be held on Sunday, December 19 at 2 pm at the Resting Place in Mingus.