A Pat on the Back to a Cisco Lobo

Being a Cisco Lobo fan all of my natural Life, Cisco has been blessed with a few outstanding students throughout the years.  I thought that you may want to read about a good young man from Cisco that is a role model with his humble politeness and Christian character.

How often do you meet an athlete, who before each FB game or a track meet race, shakes his opponents’ hands and wishes him good luck, helps pick up his FB opponent and after a pat on the back tells him “good FB tackle or a nice block” and such and this is coming from parents and fans from other schools attending the sporting events??

As a freshman this Christian athlete had his moments in all sports but  it was during his Sophomore year that he starting hitting his stride.

Now if you are as old as I am, Class of 1977, you would think that I was talking about a great fellow Christian classmate, KELLY KENT.

I would be, but another bolt of lightning has struck in Cisco AGAIN and this go-around it is MASON REED.

As with Kelly, I hope to see great things in Mason’s near future and looking forward to another great Loboes’ year under Coach Brent West in sports!!

John Cisco McKinney.

2012 Cisco Loboes
“Veni, vidi, vici”