Eastland County Sheriff’s Office Monthly Report and CodeRED Information



May 2022
Monthly Report

Calls for Service                     560     

Reports Generated                  35

Cases Filed with DA               6

Juvenile cases                         0                                             

Transports                               21

Transport Mileage                  4,638

Citations                                  30

Warnings                                37                                           

Arrests                                    34

Civil Process                           85

Livestock calls                        113

Business Checks                     37                                           

Mental Health Services          47                                           

Mental Health Transports       2                                             

Jail Average daily Holding     70

I have signed the county up for Code Red. There are several of you that already have code red in the cities that you live in, but one of the things I learned during the complex fires was that the county didn’t have a good resource for mass notifications in an emergency. There are a lot of mass notification systems out there, but I felt that Code Red made the most sense because there were so many of you already on it from the municipalities. One good thing about the ones that are already signed up is that you will also receive the notifications since you are inside the county. So, if you are already signed up through one of the municipalities, then there is no need to sign up again. You will receive the county notifications as well. If you don’t already have it, I strongly encourage you to get it. We will be using the code red system to help notify residents of emergencies along with other useful information for their area.

It is easy and there are multiple options.

You can sign up by:


Download the App: onsolve.com/crmobile

Website: https://public.coderedweb.com/CNE/en-us/BF6181069B2C

County Website: https://www.eastlandcountytexas.com

Download the app in your app store or by visiting: https://www.onsolve.com/crmobile

If you can’t sign up online then Call: 254-629-1774 option 7 and we will sign you up or you can also call the cities of Eastland, Cisco, Gorman, or Ranger and someone will help you get signed up. We are still getting it added to the county website but it should be up and going shortly.

I am also in the process of signing MOUs with FEMA and becoming certified to access the IPAWS network. This will allow us to use the emergency notification system for extreme emergencies. We will be able to send alerts to phones, TVs, Radio signals, and other internet-based devices in an area. This is not a substitute for the code red system that I previously talked about, but will allow us in the event of an extreme emergency to send out a notification to anyone in the area even if they aren’t signed up on code red. Having multiple different ways of communicating emergencies to the public is essential to helping save lives and property.

We passed our DPS TLETS audit with flying colors. The dispatchers have been doing such a great job and put in a lot of extra work for the audit. Our records were thoroughly gone through and checked for accuracy and the system security was checked.  It is a tedious process and took a month to get through, but I’m very proud of the results.

We started working on updating the Crimstoppers website. We put up a “most wanted” list and also updated some crimes that we are looking for information on. We will be updating it periodically, so please make sure to go check it out. www.eastlandcrimestoppers.com

We are still shorthanded at Dispatch. If you or someone you know would be interested, please come by the Sheriff’s Office and pick up an application. Or we can email you one. You must have a good work ethic and be able to pass a background and drug test.

I have asked each of the police departments to assist us with updating the business emergency/night numbers. This is to help officers and dispatch get ahold of someone if something ever happens after hours at your business. If you own a business and would like to help us out by updating your information, please give dispatch a call at 254-629-1728. Thank you to everyone that has already given their information.

These are just a few of the things going on at the Sheriff’s Office. As always, I appreciate all your help and support

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