Downtown Cisco Summers

Summer has announced itself in Eastland County, and that means we’ll be having some weekly fun in the “Gap” across from Waverly’s.

Beginning June 9th:

EVERY THURSDAY @6pm there will be an hour of live praise music followed by a hymn walk. This week will feature a gifted local duo “Sojourner’s Homestead.” Waverly’s will be open an extra hour with free water and 1/2 priced tea. Wear your walking shoes and after the music we will walk into the neighborhood and fill the air with familiar hymns. If your church or group is interested in leading a praise session one Thursday @6, please contact Sean at 254-334-2539.

EVERY FRIDAY at sunset (the time will fluctuate), come downtown for a community “Friday Downtown Sunset Stroll.” Walking downtown twice is a mile, and sunset is always a special time when the sky is beautiful and the air cools off. Walk alone, with friends, or meet new locals. We were made to be a community and we were made to move, what a perfect combination!

EVERY SATURDAY morning from 9 am-11 am local kids will set up for a “Kids Farmers & Makers Market.” This is a great chance for kids to develop gardening, crafting, baking, and sales skills. It’s free to set up and rewarding for all. If you don’t have kids, come help the young entrepreneurs practice counting back change and making conversation with customers.

We love being your neighbor, and look forward to seeing you soon!

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