Ranger Bulldogs: 6-Man Independent Bowl State Champions

6-Man Independent Bowl Series State Champions for 2021, Ranger Bulldogs
Photo by Tommy Wells

In their first season of 6-Man football, the Ranger Bulldogs finished the regular season with a 6-4 record and came out on top in the Independent Bowl Series, claiming the title of State Champions.

Eleven teams were in the 6-man Independent division and invitations are sent out to the top teams to play in the 6-Man Independent Bowl Series at Baird, Tx. Rankings in the league are available at sixmanfootball.com. According to the Independent Bowl information, rankings are determined not necessarily by a team’s win/loss record, but by the strength of schedule, among many other statistics. Every play of every game counts.

The 6-Man Independent Bowl Series was held on Saturday, November 13th. Going into the Independent Bowl Series, head coach, Eric Sanchez, and the Ranger Bulldogs faced last year’s state champion, Tyler Heat. The Bulldogs dominated the game, starting with a touchdown by Ashton Shope just 2:58 into the first quarter.

Tyler Heat didn’t score until the third quarter and not until after Ranger’s Sayvien Reed had already added another touchdown in the first quarter and Landon Farmer added touchdowns in the 2nd and 3rd quarters bringing the score to 24-0. Tyler Heat successfully completed a pass into the end zone for an extra point after their lone touchdown, putting 7 points on the scoreboard.

The Bulldogs answered back by adding two more touchdowns, by Oscar Villarreal in the 3rd quarter and Jordan Jaramillo in the 4th quarter, to bring the final score to Ranger 36, Tyler 7.

Photo by Tommy Wells
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Marshall W. Perkins
13 days ago

Key Phrase: “Every play of every game counts.” I sure hope they understand that, and to me that’s giving 100% each and every time on and off the field. Way to go Bulldogs, makes me; Class of ’91, very proud!!!

Last edited 13 days ago by Marshall W. Perkins