Eastland County Sheriff’s Office October Report

October 2021
Monthly Report

Calls & Activities                   369

Reports Generated                  30

Cases Filed with DA               12

Juvenile cases                         0                                             

Transports                               15

Transport Milage                    3,028

Citations                                  20

Warnings                                29                                           

Arrests                                    36

Civil Process                           57                                           

Mental Health Services          27                                           

Mental Health Transports       2                                             

Jail Average daily Holding     72       

We have been working a lot of thefts lately especially at deer camps. Multiple four-wheelers, firearms, ammunition, and even a tractor has been stolen. We are working joint investigations with other surrounding counties that have been having the same types of thefts and we believe they are all the same suspects. I would ask that you keep your valuables locked up and hidden. Also please take a few moments and record the serial and VIN numbers to your belongings. Having the serial numbers to our belongings assists law enforcement tremendously in their investigations and trying to recover property.  If you have a deer camp, please set up any extra infrared cameras that you have. If you have any information, please let us know. Or you can report anonymously to the Eastland County Crimestoppers online at www.eastlandcrimestoppers.com or by calling 254-629-8477

For some time now, the reporting systems at the office have been in need of an upgrade. The current systems are very old and are actually DOS based. They are unable to keep up with newer technology and are very time consuming on the staff when it comes to reporting to the state. To upgrade these systems comes at great cost. However, I have been working on upgrading the systems through the Covid Relief money that the county has received. This will be a great opportunity to upgrade these costly systems at no cost to the local taxpayers. This will also work toward the county wide project that I’ve been working on to link all the emergency services information together. There are other entities in the county that are following suit and upgrading their systems as well to help link us all together.

We are still continuing on cleaning up and rewiring a lot of the network components that run all of the jail systems. All the components are being put into one spot and labeled. Over the years, many components have been changed out and new wires ran over the old wires. Components were not labeled and did not have proper wire management. This has created bird nests of wiring making it difficult to work on anything or to know what goes to what. So now all the components are being properly installed to avoid these problems in the future. This will also clean up the control rooms and cut down on costs when something needs to be repaired.

A new kiosk is being installed in the front lobby that will allow for people to put money on the books for inmates 24/7. This will allow loved ones to have easier access and will also free up the office and jail staff. We also made it where loved ones can put money on their books online. This is part of trying to make technology work for us. Making it easier for the citizens and the staff at the same time. This was done at no cost to the tax payers.

We have started billing TDCJ for transports to the prisons. It costs the tax payers money to take an inmate to prison. So, we started billing the state to try to recover some of those cost. So far we have been having success. It seems like a small thing but every dollar back into Eastland County adds up.

As Sheriff, I’m also responsible for the security of the courthouse and annex. So, in reviewing the previous contracts for the fire and camera systems, I found that we were being charged a lot of money that I felt was unreasonable. I contacted a local reputable company to take over the camera systems. A different company was also brought in to take over the fire alarm, monitoring, and inspections. Changing over will save the tax payers several thousand dollars a year and keeps the money local.

I appreciate all the positive feedback we have been receiving. We are working diligently to make this office one that you can be proud of.

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