August 2021 Stats for the Eastland County Sheriff’s Office

August 2021

Monthly Report

Calls for service                      290

Reports Generated                  35

Cases Filed with DA               11

Juvenile cases                         0                                             

Transports                               5

Transport Milage                    1996

Citations                                  22

Warnings                                 21                                           

Arrests                                     15

Warrants Served                     31

Civil Process                           57                                           

Mental Health Services           37                                           

Mental Health Transports       2                                             

Jail Average daily Holding     62       

Recovered approx. $10k in stolen property

We continue to train. I know I talk about training every month, but it is very important. It gives the officers, jailers, and dispatchers the knowledge they need to help citizens and be more professional. This month we went to Standardized Field Sobriety recertification for DWIs. This training was put on by DPS and had multiple departments from the county in attendance. We also had active shooter training with multiple agencies and Dispatch in attendance. Plans for continued training at the other schools and courthouse are being worked on.

We converted a space at the Sheriff’s Office that will allow for meetings and training. We also converted a storage room into an office for Mental Health services. One of our deputies is provided from a grant for Mental Health. He currently assists people that are in crisis and helps them find resources or transports them to facilities better equipped to help those in need. We work hand in hand with Center for Life Resources which is the MHMR provider for the county. This converted office will provide space for the MHMR deputy and for the Center for Life employees that are always here helping. They will be better able to conduct meetings that accommodate their needs and privacy issues.  

I have been continuing to have meetings with the police chiefs of the county communities. This month we met on multiple occasions to discuss issues that are common with us all. One of the meetings also included the Fire Chiefs, city managers, and other personnel to discuss the future of communications and reporting systems in the county. Every department currently runs different reporting software for their respective agencies. We discussed that there is a real need for all of us in the county to be on the same software that would allow for real time information sharing and communication between our departments, dispatch, jail and the state.

I’ve had multiple meetings with vendors for security systems, dispatch, communications and radio systems in the county. The purpose of the meeting is to make sure that we are getting competitive pricing and that the needs of the county are being met. When possible, we’ve been moving to local providers and vendors. I have also met with police chiefs on several of these as we share a lot of the same vendors.

We had another awesome meeting with The Open Door. We were able to talk about services that Open Door provides and go over curriculum and scheduling. They will begin coming to jail and offering classes on parenting, family, and life skills to the inmates. I am excited about being able to offer this to the people that are currently in the jail system. The hope is that they will be able to learn better coping mechanisms, skills, and how to appropriately deal with child and family situations in a positive way. If needed, those services will be available to them after they leave the system.  

We are starting a new peer support program. This program will also work along side a new state law enforcement peer support program that is being implemented by the state. The program will assist officers, jailers, and dispatchers by giving them a mechanism to deal with the high stress of those occupations. The peer group will consist of others in those positions (from here and around the state) who use their experience to assist people in coping with the high stress and traumatic events that they see on a daily basis. As part of this new program, we are bringing in a new law enforcement chaplain. The chaplain has over two decades of experience in law enforcement and will be with us in a reserve capacity at no cost to the tax payers.  

We have implemented a new Quality Assurance program and it has become part of the new policy. This program will measure and evaluate the quality of performance of the Sheriff’s Office. This will include benchmarks for completeness, compliance, consistency, documentation and that the agency is meeting community expectations. This program will consist of random samplings, evaluations, input gathered from citizens, officers, government officials, and from citizens that request services.  

These are just a few of the things going on at your Sheriff’s office this month. I feel that its important for you to know that we are working hard to make Eastland County a place you can feel safe and prepared for the future. It takes us all working together to achieve common goals. Community changes everything.

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