Almost $1500 Awarded in Cisco Writers Club 45th Annual Summer Contest

The Cisco Writers Club announced winners in their 45th Annual Summer Contest Thursday, September 2, at the Myrtle Wilks Community Center in Cisco. 

Christine Venzon of Peoria, Illinois, took the coveted David Autry Sweepstakes Award for having the most (10) points — the result of placing first in Articles, and both first and third in Short Stories.

Amassing 8 points to become sweeps runner-up was Robert Robeson of Lincoln, Nebraska. He achieved a first in Articles, a third in Short Stories and an honorable mention in Publication Briefs with his column, “Walking by Faith.” 

The Adventures in Writing category for writers under 16 years old was captured by Haddie Brumley’s “The Camalo and the Girl.” Judge Rebecca Odom of Cisco awarded second to Willow Park’s Kathryn Braddock and third to Natascha Graham of Woodbridge, United Kingdom.  

Other entries of note included Shann Tajiah’s fiction Book entry, The Shaloma, and “First Responder” by Burton (Texas) resident Jim Wilson. 

CWC will work with Cisco Aviation and parents of the Adventures in Writing winners to schedule their noncash award: A private airplane flight around the Cisco area from the Gregory Simmons Memorial Airport, followed by a pizza party at the FPO with the pilots, the child’s family and friends, and CWC members. 

Judges are volunteers who are asked but not required to critique entries, but we thank all the judges below for their generous work and comments. Such advice can be a great help to assess and improve one’s skill. We are indebted to Rebecca Odom, who judged Adventures in Writing; Melissa Rawlins of Waxahachie; Book judge Robyn Conley of Clyde; Judy Ware of Cisco for assessing the Poetry entries; our own Bokerah Brumley for judging Publication Briefs; and the Short Stories judge, Nancy Robinson Masters of Abilene. 

The contest is a community outreach project of the Club, meant to encourage more writing and excellence in it.

Photo Credit: Mickell York

Adventures in Writing contestant Kathryn Braddock of Willow Park

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Editor’s note: An error was made in the originally published article about Robert Robeson’s awards. The article was updated to show the correct awards on Tuesday, September 7, 2021.

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