Ruben Zarate Appointed Veterans Service Officer

Commissioners Andy Maxwell & James Crenshaw; Ruben Zarate; Judge Rex Fields; Commissioners Ronnie Wilson & Robert Rains

On August 9th, Eastland County Commissioners appointed Ruben Zarate as Veterans Service Officer for Eastland County. This is a voluntary position with the county offering office space and an office budget.

Zarate is a military veteran who spent time in combat and was injured. After returning home he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Zarate said he wasn’t sure what that was so he spent time researching and looking for information and resources. He was on his own with his research and had a hard time finding information. He met Ranger citizen and Vietnam veteran, Larry Monroe, whom he said helped a lot with his search.

Zarate has been involved in many community projects in Eastland through the years. He said he was honored when Judge Fields approached him about the position. He looks forward to helping veterans find the resources they need.

The Vietnam Service Office is located in the basement of the Eastland County Courthouse. To make an appointment with Ruben, call 254-629-6008

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