Eastland County COVID-19 Update

The following is the COVID report for Eastland County:

  1. The number of COVID positive cases up to August 14, 2021 that are still in quarantine: 67

This number includes only tests done at Eastland Memorial Hospital, B and W Clinic, and Family Health Clinic.

The number of cases is still high and with school starting this week, everyone must take extra caution. It is important that we keep our children protected. We encourage the use of masks in public and in the classroom. Those who are eligible please consider obtaining the vaccine.

Texas Public Schools COVID-19 Data ~ Texas Health & Human Services

Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention in K-12 Schools ~ CDC

If you are ill, please seek medical attention to see if you have covid. Please wear masks and keep your distance. The next few weeks to months will be very critical in avoiding the spread of this new variant. We all want to keep our children in school, so do your best to protect yourself and your children. Do not send your children to school if they are ill. Do not go to work if you are ill.

Dr. Robert DeLuca