2nd Time Around Scholarship for Ranger Exes

2ND TIME AROUND SCHOLARSHIP (FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH FUNDING AND EXES SERVES AS AN INSTRUMENT OF AWARDING: Scholarships help those who need financial assistance with their post high school education. Parents may be pushed to their financial limits, but have a longing for a new career. A college kid may find while in college, and maybe even working, they are still struggling to keep up with bills. Everyone has a different financial situation and those who have fewer financial advantages sometimes need a boost.

If you are looking to gain access to a scholarship to help you continue your education, there is an opportunity as a Ranger Ex to apply for such assistance (of any age). Ranger Exes is now offering a 2nd Time Around Scholarship in the amount of $750 each year. We are seeking applicants who are part of the Ranger Exes, or who will happily join and plan to sign-up for Fall Semester including a Trade School, Online Courses, University, or Junior College.

We will be looking for individuals who wish to gain this continuing education scholarship by marketing in our RHS Exes Newsletter, reaching out to Ranger High School, Ranger Junior College, and TSTC-Breckenridge Counselors. This scholarship is made available to Exes from Ranger High School by the members of the First United Methodist Church of Ranger from a generous donation.

>>>reach out to: rangerexes@yahoo.com or contact an Officer/Director for an application: Stacy Regeon-Wells, Nancy Veale-Martinez, Leanne Connell-Ingram, Marinell Miller, Gay Ann Wolford, Linda White Miller, James Dixon, Cody Fox, Marilyn Huff, Jerry Watson – we all have access to the form, Due Date August 20th – Good Luck!

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