Gorman 15u Baseball Team State Champs!

~ by Christina Clark

First of all, congratulations Gorman 15u Baseball Team!! You put in all the work and it showed! Congratulations on being the State 15u Champions!!! 

Secondly, we would like to thank each and every business and person that supported us and helped us get to the tournament. We would not have been here without your generosity!!
Thirdly, every baseball parent that worked hard on getting the boys; fed, to practices and games, waters, gatorades, ice, washed jersey’s, lugged ice chests, into the bed at a decent hour, any snacks between games, and cheered them on during every game! Mom and dads these boys wouldn’t be here without you and the hard work put into every fundraiser. Thank you all for an amazing job! 

Lastly, our coaches, Trent and Jon, these boys look up to you and hang on to every advice you pass down to them! Thank you so much for helping the boys learn, relax, have fun, and never give up! Thank you so much!!!
Here is to next year!!! Let’s go Panthers!

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Adan Rodriguez
14 days ago

Awesome job boys!!!