Rural Republican Dr. Glenn Rogers Announces Reelection Campaign

GRAFORD, TEXAS – Representative Glenn Rogers (R-Graford) announced he will seek reelection to represent House District 60 in the Texas House of Representatives.

A staunch conservative leader, Representative Rogers worked to make the 87th Legislative Session one of the most conservative in Texas history. This session saw the passage of a balanced budget, which included a record-breaking $1 billion for border security, numerous pieces of pro-life legislation, as well as major bills that defend the 2nd Amendment. In addition, Rogers supported legislation that protects Texas law enforcement budgets, expands essential broadband services, invests in public education, increases access to telemedicine, provides funding for rural hospitals, and protects our oil and gas and agriculture industries.

“This session was historic for conservative victories, and I am honored to represent the people of House District 60 in advocating for legislation that defends our 2nd Amendment, protects innocent life, and upholds our religious liberties,” said Rogers. “In addition to these conservative priorities, I am proud of the investments we made in our public schools, the expansion of rural broadband services, the support we gave our men and women in law enforcement, and the meaningful eminent domain reform we achieved, but more vital work remains,” Rogers said.

“As Washington D.C. continues to fail at protecting our southern border, it is imperative that Texas invest more resources to secure the border. The upcoming special sessions will be critical for rural Texas, with redistricting at the top of the agenda along with election integrity and bail reform. I am hopeful that Governor Abbott will add more to the call, including legislation that secures our border, continues to support our retired teachers, and builds on the work during the session. I am blessed to represent the people of District 60 and would be honored to serve another term in the Texas House,” said Rogers.

During the 87th Legislative Session, Representative Rogers was appointed to serve on the Transportation and Pensions, Investments, & Financial Services Committees. His service on these key committees led to the passage of legislation that funds transportation projects in rural Texas and invests in our retired teachers. He was also a member of the Texas House Republican Caucus Policy Committee and the Texas Conservative Coalition.

Representative Rogers resides in Graford with his wife, Mandy. They have three daughters, Meg, Ginny, and Leah; one son, Ben, and five grandchildren. Glenn and Mandy are longtime members of the Methodist Church.