Eastland County Sheriff’s Office May Statistics

Sheriff Jason Weger presented the following report at Monday’s Eastland County Commissioners’ meeting. Weger plans to generate and release a statistics report to the public each month.


We have begun catching everyone up on training mandates and next level certifications. I made an agreement with training provider for annual unlimited access to training for deputies and jailers. This will save money while also providing training for all the employees to better themselves, gain knowledge, and present a professional environment.

Assistance with the flooding. Checked on all entities. Checked roads for damage. Assisted with multiple vehicle crashes and road closures. Special thanks to the Eastland Fire Department who assisted us with their boat. We were able to check on residents at Lake Leon. Assisted water district with watching lake during closure. We removed one man and his boat who were causing a nuisance on purpose.

Had meeting with Crimestoppers. Were able to work out things such as information delivery and dispositions and we (along with the other entities) will be entering information directly onto the website from now on, such as top 10 most wanted and crimes of the week. We will still need to do some training on the entries.

Had Chiefs meeting with entire county. We will now be having regular meetings with each other and investigators from all entities to share information and intelligence. I’ve been calling and checking on the entities to see how and if we can assist them.

May 2021
Monthly Report

Calls for service                     319                                         

Reports Generated                38                                          

Cases Filed with DA               9                                            

Juvenile cases                         0                                             

Citations                                  6                                             

Warnings                                 5    

Transports                               18   

Mental Health Contacts          35

Mental Health Transports       4

Jail Average daily Holding     55.2

Civil Process                           50