Mark Lee Dickson: Update and Answers Re Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn, Thursday in Cisco

by Ruth York

Tea Party Patriots of Eastland County welcomes Mark Lee Dickson, Director of Right to Life of East Texas, to the beautiful Myrtle Wilks Community Center Thursday, June 10. The Center is at 1498 West I 20 in Cisco, where the meeting will begin at 6:30 in the Big Dam Room.

Dickson will provide updates on the innovative pro-life movement known as Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn.

Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn is The Little Initiative That Could. It’s proving that it can do everything it claims to do. Conceived by Mark Lee Dickson, Director of Right to Life of East Texas, these protective ordinances outlaw abortion immediately within that town’s city limits.

“But, Roe v. Wade…!”

“But, the Supreme Court said…”

“But, we’ll get sued!”

Actually, no. This brilliant ordinance does not challenge Roe v. Wade, or Supreme Court rulings, and is structured in a way that prevents anyone from challenging it in court, since no one has “standing” to sue the city.

Almost thirty cities across three states have adopted such an ordinance, with more on the way. Eastland, Texas, may have it on its next City Commission agenda. If so, you’ll want to understand how the ordinance works and attend the June 21st City Commission meeting to show your support.

To know what the ordinance does and does not do, come meet Mark Lee Dickson Thursday. Bring your questions; Mark will be happy to answer.

Doors open at 6:00 p.m. Refreshments will be served.

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6 days ago

I just can’t take a guy who wears a backward cap to a meeting seriously.