New Eastland County Sheriff Appointed

Jason Weger who currently holds the positions of Eastland County Dispatch Administrator, Cisco City Council member and Investigator with the Eastland Police Department was appointed this morning to fill the position of Eastland County Sheriff to replace current Sheriff, Chad Roberts, who had turned in his resignation earlier in the meeting.

Roberts sent out a statement last Thursday announcing his plans to resign “because of an error in my judgment that occurred while I was employed by the City of Ranger.”

This morning Roberts read the following statement at commissioners’ court:

I want to apologize to the citizens of Eastland County for betraying their trust.

I had allegations made against me of mishandling public information request from several years back during my tenure at the City of Ranger.

It was never my intention of the error in judgment I have displayed.

There were no allegations during my term as your Sheriff.

The office of Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in the county. This position, as it should be has you living in a glass house and held to a higher standard.

The love I have for this elected office and my family, I felt that it was in the best interest to voluntarily resign.

Thank You
May God Bless Eastland County

An executive session was held during the meeting and those who had applied for the position were called in for a quick interview. Those who were interviewed today were: former Eastland County Deputy, Don Braly; Eastland County Chief Deputy Josh Nichols;± Jason Weger; Roger Tighe Chief of Police at Cisco College; and Rusty Schraeder.

From that pool, Judge Rex Fields selected Jason Weger and commissioners voted unanimously to approve that appointment.

Weger will be required to vacate his Cisco City Council seat because it is an elected position and he cannot hold two elected positions. He will also be resigning his investigator position with the Eastland Police Department. He plans to continue his job as Eastland County Dispatch Administrator.

Weger won’t officially take the position of sheriff until he is sworn in. Date and time of swearing in to be announced soon.

Weger will hold the appointed position until the November 2022 election. At that time the sheriff position will be open to candidates for the unexpired 2 year term.