Eastland County DA Office Press Release on Sheriff’s Resignation

On January 21, 2021, allegations of misconduct by former City Manager Chad Roberts regarding public information requests under the Texas Open Records Act were submitted to the Criminal District Attorneys Office through the City of Ranger’s legal counsel. These allegations of misconduct occurred while Roberts was employed by Ranger as City Manager/Chief of Police.

The Criminal District Attorneys Office through its elected District Attorney Russ Thomason followed state protocol and requested the assistance of the Texas Rangers. After a preliminary investigation, Texas Ranger Jason Shea of Brownwood was assigned for the limited purpose of reviewing the open record violations and related matters that occurred during Robert’s tenure as the City Manager/Police Chief for the City of Ranger.

During the course of the investigation, Ranger Shea met with Sheriff Roberts at the Eastland County Sheriff’s Office. During the interview regarding the allegations, Sheriff Roberts admitted that he had made errors in judgment and due to his love for the County and his family, he would voluntarily resign from office and permanently surrender his Texas Peace Officer’s License. In light of that decision, Ranger Shea after consultation with the District Attorney, recommended that the investigation close without further investigation and prosecution. No allegations of misconduct have been made regarding Robert’s term as Eastland County Sheriff.

The resignation of the elected Sheriff is an agenda item for the Eastland County Commissioner’s Court on May 24, 2021

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Nancy Vinson
1 month ago

Why the City of Ranger allowed him to hold the positions of Chief of Police and City Manager at the same time is beyond reason. At the very least, there was clearly conflict of interest. Many cities and towns across Texas have rules and / or regulations to prevent this type of situation. I can’t help but think – if he were a “regular” citizen, would he be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law ? Was he given special consideration because he was a police officer ? I’d like to see some transparency and know the whole story. Exactly what was the “error in judgement” ?

1 month ago
Reply to  Nancy Vinson

you know there not going to say what it was itsa hush hush thing

1 month ago
Reply to  Nancy Vinson

On the holding dual offices…. it was a huge money saver for the City of Ranger. There was no conflict of interest. One office was not over the other office. The City sent off to the Texas AG for an opinion and were told it was copacetic.