Writers to Hear Dr. Duane Hale in Cisco Thursday, April 1

Cisco College Professor Dr. Duane Hale

Cisco Writers Club is delighted to present CWC member and past President Dr. Duane Hale Thursday, April 1, as he speaks on “The Unusual Things That Happen.” The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. at the Hilton Center, 309 Conrad Hilton Blvd., Cisco. Everyone is invited. 

Dr. Hale currently teaches American History at Cisco College, where he was awarded “Outstanding Teacher from Abilene Campus, Cisco Junior College” in 2008. Undoubtedly his students provide frequent examples of “strange things that happen.” 

Dr. Duane Hale has plenty of reasons among his own experiences to speak on unusual happenings. After a stellar career in Cisco High School and Abilene Christian University football, he returned to Cisco as a math teacher. “I really just wanted to coach football,” he recalls. 

Somewhere along the way his passion for history won out. He returned to college, earning a doctorate in American Indian and American Western History, with minors in Ancient Roman and Greek History, Colonial Latin American History, Archeology, and Geophysics from Oklahoma State University. He pursued additional studies at the University of Oklahoma. 

American Indian history wrote the next few years of Dr. Hale’s life as he taught on a Navajo reservation in Arizona; wrote tribal histories for multiple tribes; conducted seminars teaching Native Americans to write their own histories; and researched, wrote, published and spoke on historical topics. He became a widely recognized authority on American Indians, and a consultant for history text books, documentaries, governments and organizations. 

Through all, Dr. Hale continues to research the role of gold and silver mining in early Texas history. His M.A. thesis was “Evidence of Spanish Mining in the Big Country of Texas,” followed by a Ph.D. dissertation on “Prospecting and Mining on the Texas Frontier.”  He is an active member of Cisco’s Southwest Searchers, and is a noted authority on various treasure stories and mysteries across the state. 

Eastland County, and Cisco Loboes in particular, hold a special place for Dr. Hale. He created the Lela Latch Lloyd Memorial Museum (honoring Cisco Writers Club charter member Lela Latch Lloyd) to display historical items, photographs and memorabilia from this area. His numerous books include My Heroes Have Always Been Loboes and Lady Loboes and The Santa Claus Bank Robbery and Its Impact on Eyewitnesses. Countless articles address local topics, and he instituted a decades-long oral history project through Cisco College to preserve the stories of our elders.

We’re honored and delighted to have Dr. Hale speak. Please join us Thursday night for this unique opportunity.

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