Eastland County COVID-19 Update, February 22, 2021

As of February 22, 2021, the cases are as follows:

  1. The number of positive cases still in quarantine:  11

There has been a significant decline in covid positive cases. This is likely the results of the winter storm:

  1.  Most individuals were unable to get out in public.
  2.   Schools were closed.
  3.   Clinics were unable to do any testing.
  4.   Many stores were closed during the week.

This is still very encouraging.  This drop in the number of cases does not mean to discontinue the appropriate public health measures:  keep your distance, avoid large crowds, remain home if you are ill, wear appropriate face coverings and sanitize your hands.

COVID-19 Vaccination Hub Providers ~ Texas Department of State Health Services

Dr. Robert DeLuca

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Jim Morrison
2 days ago

Leave your name, age and number at Memorial Hospital and pharmacies and wait for hell to freeze over. Maybe then you will be called.