Guided Journaling: Join Author Carrie Windham Thurs., Feb. 4

Join the Cisco Writer’s Club this Thursday, February 4th, at 7:00pm, at the Hilton Center, 309 Conrad Hilton Blvd. in Cisco. You’ll meet author Carrie Windham, M.MFT., and join our discussion of her new book, Shades of Me: A Guided Journey to Self-discovery, Self-reflection, and Self-transformation.

This book could not be timelier as the nation’s collective emotional and psychological well-being plummets and mental health crises skyrocket. Everyday pressures and stressors are at an all-time high while the state of the whole world teeters, effecting every aspect of life, and crossing all economic, race, gender, and age barriers.  No one is untouched.

Join Carrie this Thursday, and discover what psychologist and psychotherapists already know about the benefits of journaling such as reducing stress, managing anxiety, depression, and anger, boosting the immune system and brain health, strengthening memory and comprehension, increasing overall happiness, joy, and wellbeing as well as many others.

Invest in yourself and your loved ones and bring your family and friends to this presentation to learn how you and they can have richer, more rewarding, and happier lives!

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