State Informs Eastland County Mask Exemption Revoked

Citizens of Eastland County, I have been informed by the State of Texas that our exemption to wearing masks has been revoked. I do not agree with this revocation and there are still ten other exemptions in GA-29 to the wearing of masks. I have tried to contact someone at DSHS to explain our local situation, but no one has responded. Our local situation is that our County experienced a surge in cases from one of our local colleges. Dr. DeLuca, Eastland County’s Local Health Authority and I have been in daily contact about the number of active cases. On Monday, 14 September approximately 40 cases become inactive. This will take our number back below the 20 that we need for our exemption to GA-29. I have asked DSHS if we will be able to reinstate our exemption when this happens, but still no response from the state.

Below is the email that I received at 3:26 PM on Friday 11 September from DSHS. If you have questions or comments, I suggest that you individually contact them at the email address in their message. Until I get some response from the state, please review GA-29 for compliance at this link

I will keep working on reinstating the exemption to the mask-wearing requirement to try to regain some individual decision making and liberty for our citizens.

Thank you,

Rex Fields, Eastland County Judge

Good Afternoon Judge Fields,

As of September 10, 2020, Eastland County is no longer exempt from GA-29 due to the number of active cases in Eastland County reported by the Texas Department of State Health Services as of 4 p.m.

Please direct questions to the Texas Department of State Health Services via email at the following address:

Thank you,

The Texas Division of Emergency Management

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Free Thinker
10 months ago

Any updates on this? I would like to visit the area, but I’m not about to diaper my face. There’s no BS coming out of my mouth to justify the absurd practice of face diapering.

10 months ago

Call me skeptical, but in order to put a face muzzle on me and have me at least mildly compliant about it, you’d have to show me some actual successes, where mask use was implemented and the virus almost immediately went down. In fact, if the “experts” who have suddenly, after years of science proving otherwise, deemed that forced public masking can indeed stop an airborne respiratory virus – if those “experts” could point to actual, timely successes, it’s hard to imagine most everyone not being on board for that ride. Frankly, if mask-wearing did stop the disease in its tracks, as we were promised months ago, you can bet your house the mask-loving media would have been shouting the examples from the rooftops. We’d be seeing red state vs blue state comparisons everywhere since red states have the most non-compliance and/or most lenient mask mandates. Instead, we’re simply told condescendingly that “masks work,” “science shows masks work,” and other unproven nonsense, as if they think if they say it enough times we’ll believe it.

10 months ago

The mask must be worn.

10 months ago

The Governor doesn’t have the power to mandate anything. Just ignore the tyrant.

10 months ago

I’m stuck in Llano where this is a mandate to wear a mask, but more than half of this town selfishly refuses to wear one. It’s scary how ignorant people are about Covid. I won’t shop or even go in to a place of business here. Covid is real. Stop acting like ignorant hillbillies.

Jack Lambert
10 months ago

I say its all hogwash to me, elders like my dad can die of the corona virus.

Karen Burns
10 months ago

Thank you for your efforts and continued work on this.

Steven Coslett
10 months ago

Write me a ticket. So over all this political fodder.

Lori Dodd
10 months ago

Thank you for posting this. I appreciate our county judge-I think Rex Fields does a good job representing the county.