Eastland County COVID-19 Update, July 22, 2020

As of today, we have 51 positive cases in Eastland County since the 1st of March. There are 12 individuals currently in quarantine. Once more, we work diligently to collect the results from several sources, but only those verified by official lab reports are counted in the list. No one individual is counted twice regardless of how many times they are tested.

Please continue to follow the State of Texas recommended guidelines for safe distancing. All of these guidelines can be found on the Texas Department State Health Services (DSHS) website. Please realize, we are all at risk no matter our age or other differences. This virus can and has been
documented to infect ages from 6 months to 99 years. Please continue to wear your mask when going into stores, churches and other public buildings.

Dr. Robert DeLuca

Texas Health and Human Service website:
CDC website: