Glenn Rogers’ Pledge

Glenn Rogers, Candidate for HD 60

One of the primary reasons I decided to run for the HD 60 seat was because I didn’t feel like all of the communities in the district were receiving enough attention from our current representative. There were a select few that had the ear of our current representative, but the rest of us had no chance or opportunity to interact with him.

I intend to change that.

I’ve spent almost a year traveling through the district to every county and almost every community.

I’ve met with most city and county leaders to better understand the challenges they face.

I’ve talked with teachers and school administrators to understand not only the normal difficulties they are faced with, but also how COVID-19 has created new challenges that they are having to develop new plans for.

I’ve met with every hospital CEO in the district to better understand the unique challenges facing rural Texas healthcare facilities. They, too, are having to create plans to handle the pandemic.

Most importantly, I’ve had the great honor or meeting with my neighbors in all eight counties that make up District 60 to hear their concerns about our shared future.

This is why so many locally elected county and city officials have endorsed me: I am the only candidate that has taken the time to learn about the issues facing the people of our district.

I’ve made this promise since Day One and I make it again now: when elected, I promise to have monthly meetings throughout the district to share what I am doing on behalf of the people of District 60 and to hear their concerns or learn about issues they may be facing.

To address the specific request of Eastland County Today, I promise that I will provide monthly written updates concerning what I am doing as your state representative while out of session, and weekly updates while the legislature is in session.

Furthermore, while in session, I promise to set time aside once a week to speak with our district’s media. When out of session, I am happy to set aside time once a month for media, though I will certainly be happy to speak with them any time they need input from me.

I firmly believe that news media play an important role in providing information to citizens, as well as holding our leaders accountable.

This race concludes on July 14. I would appreciate your vote.