Eastland County COVID-19 Update

June 25, 2020

Eastland County continues to receive results on COVID-19 testing daily. There are now 10 confirmed cases of the virus since March. There are currently two active cases that are still on isolation. There are no new positive cases this week.

We must continue to emphasize the use of social distancing as well as face masks while in public places. Most of the businesses are open in the county in addition to traffic increasing due to summer activities. Therefore, the risk of exposure remains a true possibility. Many of those businesses have licenses that are issued by various boards in the state of Texas. Each of these boards have been issued COVID protocols for these various businesses including medical offices, hairdressers, restaurants, bars, etc. Please be aware of all protocols if you are going to one of these places. Please follow all recommended protocols therefore decreasing the risk of losing the establishments’ license.

There is much we can all do to curb this escalation of cases in our state. Please wear your masks, keep your distance and wash your hands.

Dr. Robert DeLuca

Texas Health and Human Service website:
CDC website:

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6 months ago

Nancy, email me. Bjhartrd97@gmail.com

6 months ago

I along with others have breathing issues not able to wear masks.the face shield mask would be a great choice for us but unable to get from Walmart or pharmacy’s anywhere. A lot of us can’t afford to order the on line.any solution to availability.