One New Confirmed COVID-19 Case in Eastland County

One new case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Eastland County in the Rising Star area.

Updated post from Rising Star Police Department on Wednesday:

The Rising Star Police posted the following information on social media Tuesday:

May 27, 2020 COVID-19 Update from Dr. DeLuca:

We have one new confirmed case of COVID-19 in Eastland County. The county has certainly been fortunate to only have very few confirmed cases. This is due to social distancing that most everyone in the county has honored allowing businesses to reopen even more. Hair salons as well as barbershops have been doing excellent taking extra precautions during this phase. We thank all of you who have been considerate of everyone around them and particularly careful around those most vulnerable in our community.

Science moment: Treatments for COVID-19

Convalescent Plasma has been used in the past for various infectious diseases such as rabies, hepatitis B, polio and measles. It is plasma that has been donated by an individual who has recovered from the COVID-19 virus. These individuals are providing humoral immunity to the recipient. It is fairly safe, but as any transfusion there is a minimal risk. This can be an effected treatment until there is definitive antiviral medications available.

Again we ask you to keep vigilant, social distancing plans as designed during the George W. Bush administration. This is still our most powerful weapon against the spread and in protecting our friends and family.

Be kind, safe, and courteous.

Dr. Robert DeLuca

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