Eastland County COVID-19 Update, May 22, 2020

Eastland County Health Officials
Judge Rex Fields
Dr. Robert Deluca
Eastland Memorial Hospital

We have no new confirmed cases in the county and have had only 5 confirmed cases of COVID-19. We are awaiting several more test results currently. These results routinely are taking 3 to 5 business days to finalize. As we are moving into the next phase of reopening, it is still important to keep your distance, perform hand hygiene and wear a mask. The success of this control of an epidemic is to limit exposure for yourself and others.

Science moment: There are multiple research groups, in many countries, universities as well as pharmaceutical companies working on treatments and prevention. There are many companies working very quickly to find an adequate vaccine to prevent spread. In fact, over 90 vaccines are in testing stages throughout the world. Testing takes time even with the FDA allowing a fast track for this vaccine. Studies have been very promising but now these vaccines will move into larger evaluations groups. Once a vaccine is approved then the company must ramp up production to be able to provide adequate supplies of the vaccine.

The development stages of a vaccine:

  1. Use a weak or inactivated virus.
  2. Viral vectors. A weakened measles or adenovirus is utilized to produce coronavirus proteins in the body, then the body reacts and produces antibodies.
  3. Use the COVID-19 virus RNA
  4. Utilize one of the viral proteins, such as the spikes on the surface.

Eastland County, as always please stay safe and protect those around you from the spread.

Dr. Robert DeLuca

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