Announcing the Grand Opening of Bryan’s Motorcycle Museum

Bryan and Tina~by Tracy Plum

Multiple World Record Holder Bryan Jackson, will officially open Bryan’s Motorcycle Museum to the public on Tuesday October 9th at 12:15pm. Located at 925 E. Main Street, Eastland, you’ll find the museum in the same building as Bryan’s Auto Parts/Computers/Signs & Graphics. Whether you’re a kid, or just a kid at heart, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The museum is jam packed with motorcycles, larger than life photos, trophies and tons of other Jackson Family motorcycle memorabilia.

History shows that motorcycles have been a major part of the Jackson family since the 1920’s and although some of that history has been lost, the museum has preserved most, including the last bike his granddad owned, which was a 1949 Harley Hummer.

Bryan grew up watching his dad, Kay, participate in hill climbs, lime runs, and a little flat tracking. One of Kay’s bikes was a 1958 Ariel 500, which is also in the museum. And ladies, Bryan’s mom, Bertie also rode motorcycles, and we’re not talking in a side car. Although a few years have passed, let me assure you, she still has that same spunk today!

When you visit the museum you’ll get to see the Yamaha Mini Enduro 60 that started Bryan’s motocross racing career back in 1972. In the decades since, he’s won multiple World Championships, along with numerous National Titles. But along with the good, comes the bad, which interestingly enough, is documented in the museum as well…a few surgeries, a few internal plates, and more than a few screws are holding him together. And just like the Energizer Bunny, he keeps on going.

In the last year alone he’s logged over 30,000 miles and competed in over 150 races in 14 states. But motocross is only a small part of what he’s accomplished in the past year. He has also entertained over 50,000 people, performing his stunt show over 50 times along with X Games finalists, as well as other World Record Holders and even Top 40 Country Artists. All documented from Texas to New York by news publications, TV interviews and the legendary moto photographer, Jeff Cox.

Author of the Texas motocross history book “BERM – The Texas Motocross Chronicles”, and of Texas Berm/Shock Sox, Shand Garcia says, “Bryan Jackson is just one-of-a-kind. His love for life, motorcycles & God is second to none. The guy always has a smile on his face, and is always eager to help people out. His museum is very unique and filled with plenty of his family’s motorcycle racing history and involvement. Bryan is a great friend, and I am excited for the Grand Opening of his Motorcycle Museum!”

Bryan is known around the racing circuit as “The Preacher Man.” An ordained minister and licensed FCA Chaplin, Bryan and his wife Tina founded Vertical Adrenaline Motocross Ministry in 2000 to provide Trackside ministry to not only those who believe, but more importantly to lead the unknowing to God in a unique and exciting way. This past year he’s held over 35 Church services and given out thousands of Bibles, posters and wristbands through the ministry booths. He feels blessed to have been able to baptize those called to the Lord and did it in whatever was available at the time, including horse troughs and hotel swimming pools. “I enjoy the opportunity to give testimony on what the Lord has blessed me with and the miracles He’s worked healing my body,” says Bryan, “but my main testimony is to show kids that it’s good and healthy to have passion with the talent God gives us.”

Bryan’s latest accomplishments include setting 4 World Records with his unique stunting units, which are one-of- a-kind replicas of the stunt units the late Doug Domokos, “The Wheelie King” used in the late 90’s. The units took 2 years to find and have all of the modifications made, which were fabricated, and are still maintained, by Dusty Messenger of Fry’d Rice Cycles in Olden, TX. Jason Marks of JM Welding in Eastland, TX was also instrumental, as he provided the unique roll cage on one of the specialized units Bryan used to set one of his world records.

Getting on the record books with both Guinness World Records and OWR (Official World Records) was no small feat in itself. Both entities have strict guidelines and require an unbelievable amount of evidence showing that you have met the requirements for the world record being attempted. Bryan spent the better part of 18 months conquering and registering the four stunts which were the first of their kind registered, and each were set in different locations across the nation. You will find the 4 World Record Certificates from Guinness and OWR in the museum along with videos of each of the records being set.

While you’re there, pick up a FREE DVD of the 2 hour documentary “Ultimate Adrenaline” Bryan’s 50 Years on Motorcycles Celebration Tour. The documentary would not have been possible without the help of “The Godfather of Photography”, Jeff Cox, whom Bryan says “is world class when it comes to photos and videos”. This is the same 2 hour documentary that premiered at Eastland’s historic Majestic Theater earlier this year. With over 15,000 views on YouTube, and hundreds of DVD’s mailed out to his fans, Bryan’s goal to reach 50,000 views isn’t that far out of sight!

If you would like to have some fun and see a live exhibition, come to The Old Rip Fest on October 6th in downtown Eastland where Bryan will take it to the streets at 9:45am, warming up the crowd before The Old Rip Parade on Main Street. After the parade, all of his World Record stunt units will be on display at the festival, which also includes the Bryan’s Auto Supply 34th annual “Old Rip” Car Show. We hope to see you there!

All things Bryan Jackson and Vertical Adrenaline can be found online at Vertical adrenaline is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit with the state of Texas.

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Carolanne Brennan
3 years ago

God bless you and your family ! What a great testimony. You make God smile. Both my sons rode motor cross, my oldest son, TJ cut many many lawns to buy his first bike at 13 years old. The day he came in first place at raceway park in Englishtown NJ., I thanked God from the bottom of my heart. I was single mom with five children with no money but his dedication and Gods help made it possible!

Terri Widener
3 years ago

I am so very proud to be holding the other boot and your friend for life. Your friendship is a blessing . You and Tina are so precious to me along with mom and dad..