Lake Leon Area to Receive Flood Debris Containers

In an emergency meeting of the Eastland County Commissioners’ Court this morning, action was taken to have roll-off, open-top containers delivered to sites around Lake Leon.  These large containers can be used by residents and volunteers for disposal of flood-related debris.  The County has been in contact with several solid-waste service companies today to have them deliver, remove, and resupply more containers as needed for debris removal around Lake Leon.

The most accurate timeline that has been given by the waste company is that the roll-off containers can be delivered in the middle of next week.  As soon as the containers are located at sites around the lake, my office will send to the media more information about the container locations.

I appreciate your patience and want you to know that progress is being made to remove the flood-related debris.  I also want to thank the many volunteers that have assisted residents at both Lake Leon and Lake Cisco.  Thank you very much!

Respectfully submitted,

Rex Fields
Eastland County Judge