Medical Service Stepped Up in Eastland


Ray Plona, Pilot; Angela Emily, RN; Scott Lutz, LP

Eastland Memorial Hospital welcomed their partners, Air Evac Lifeteam and EagleMed with a small reception at the Eastland Airport last week.

AirEvac Lifeteam has recently opened a base in Eastland for an air ambulance helicopter.  The location is on the north I-20 service road on the east end of town.

EagleMed which operates fixed-wing air ambulances is another step up in medical care in Eastland.   This will allow transporting patients in weather conditions that a helicopter can’t handle.  The planes also have the ability to fly patients greater distances when needed.

A typical AirEvac three member crew consists of  a pilot, at least one RN and a paramedic.

EMH Administrator, Ted Matthews said there aren’t many towns the size of Eastland fortunate enough to have these services.

With the recent opening of the Eastland Dialysis Center and having an air ambulance service based in Eastland, Eastland Memorial Hospital is working hard to offer the best medical care that can be provided.