Wayland VFD adds 2 Apparatus to their Department

Wayland VFD took delivery on February 2nd of a Helping Hands Truck from the Texas Forest Service. The Chevrolet 1-ton truck will need some minor work and then it will be ready for service . We hope to have it up and going here soon.  It will be kept in Wayland at our new Station once all the work is performend on it.

The second truck arrived on Monday February 7th courtesy of the Texas Forest Service. This is our third 5,000 gallon tanker for the department.  It comes to us from Sudan Texas.  Once we lay her out like we need she will be ready for service. This third tanker will allow us to station three tankers in the southern end of Stephens County.  One will be  in La Casa  another in Eolian and one in Wayland.

This will give us three trucks carrying  a total of 15,000 gallons of water which will be a big help to us and to the people here in the southern end of the county.  Not only can we take one to a fire, we can have back up in two different locations at the same time and, if needed, we can take all three to a fire. You never have too much water and after the fires of 2011 we are committed to have more water on hand to fight fires here in Stephens County.

In addition to this we will have two 5,000 gallon tanks sitting at our new station in Wayland as well giving us a total of 25,000 gallons of water on hand if and when needed.

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