Pie Fest Promoted at Cisco Chamber Mixer

Cisco Strong hosted the January Cisco Chamber mixer held January 29th at the Conrad Hilton Center.  Cisco Strong is a non-profit organization whose mission is tofoster and encourage pride in Cisco through the support of civic projects that revitalize, restore and beautify the city of Cisco.

Cisco Strong took the opportunity to promote this summer’s 2nd Annual Cisco Tx Pie Fest at the mixer, offering tiny pies and pot pies for chamber members to sample.  The Pie Fest will be held June 15 & 16 in downtown Cisco. Cisco Strong president, Cindy Underwood, told the audience they plan to add more events and activities to the lineup.   Follow the plans as they are made on the Cisco TX Pie Fest Facebook page.

A door prize was given out with a little twist to the standard drawing.  Cisco Chamber manager, Mary Rains, selected Tammy Douglas to be this month’s mystery guest who then picked a number.  Tammy chose the number eight.  That meant that the 8th person Tammy shook hands with won the door prize.  The 8th person greeting Tammy was Karen Taylor who won a free buffet at the PieFest celebration.

Each month the Cisco Chamber of Commerce holds a cash drawing at the mixer but you must be present to win.  January’s drawing was for $150.00.  The name drawn for the prize was Dawn Lee of State Farm Insurance, but she was not present so the cash drawing will increase to $175.00 for the February mixer. February’s Mixer will be held at JT Ranch Quilt Shop on the 26th from 5-6pm.