New Gordon Board Members Sworn In

Albert Dickson Jr, Sherrye Mills, Penny Jones

The Gordon City Council added two new alderpersons to their table at their May 15th board meeting.  Penny Jones and Sherrye Mills took the oath of office after votes were canvased by the board.  Sherrye Mills had served on the board four years ago.  Albert Dickson Jr. has served on the board since 2011 and was sworn in for the new term.  Dickson was then elected by the board to serve as Mayor pro tem.

Mayor Jack Coleman opened a discussion about the Barton Water Supply water contract with the city.  The 40 year contract expired in June 2015.  The City has been working to get grant money and financing to upgrade the water treatment plant to comply with TCEQ regulations.  Coleman explained they had been waiting to see what they were facing in financial obligation for the project before setting new water rates for residential and wholesale water sales.  No action was taken after the discussion and the meeting was adjourned.