Longtime Eastland County Historical Commission Member Retires

Judge Rex Fields, Judge John Bailey, Wynelle Brown

A historic event occurred at Tuesday’s Eastland County Historical Commission meeting when Wynelle Brown of Carbon, retired as a board member.    Mrs. Brown says she has been involved in Eastland County history since the year she married in 1952.  According to Wynelle, that was the year Scott Bailey got her involved in a local history organization years before the Eastland County Historical Commission was organized.  Scott Bailey eventually became the longest serving Eastland County Judge and was known for his vast knowledge of Eastland County history.  Although Mrs. Brown is not sure when the Eastland County Historical Commission began, she’s been a board member since it’s inception.  Sending in her resignation to the commission, she said she felt that at 90 years old, it was time to retire.

Eastland County Judge Rex Fields and Judge Scott Bailey’s son, 11th Court of Appeals Justice John Bailey, attended the meeting to express their gratitude for Wynelle Brown’s years of service.

Board members accepted Mrs. Brown’s resignation but asked her to accept the position of emeritus board member, which she did.  So, although Mrs. Brown will not be attending all future meetings of the Commission, you may see her taking an honorary position at future events.

Helen Cozart, winner of the Poker Rally sits in front of Eastland Historical Commission members, Ann Zoellick, Julie Elrod and Jeane Pruett

In other business, the board discussed the Poker Rally fundraiser which was held April 6th during Rip’s Ribs Cook-Off.  Helen Cozart was the winner of the Rally, receiving two tickets to Rip’s Ribs BBQ dinner, two tickets to the Majestic Theatre and an awesome trophy.  Sponsors of the Rally were The Majestic Theatre, The Eastland Chamber of Commerce, Texas Covers of Olden and The Eastland Historic Hotel.   Plans were started to hold another rally in October during the Ranger Oil Boom Centennial Celebration.   A quilt with historic Eastland County landmarks is being prepared for a  fundraising raffle during that same event.