James King, Candidate for Eastland County Judge

James King-300My name is James King, and I am asking for your vote for Eastland County Judge. We need a proven leader as County Judge, and my combination of education, experience, and heart makes me your best choice in this election. County tax receipts have nearly doubled during the current administration, and yet they are still spending $850,000 a year more than they take in. We need a Judge willing to make the hard decisions necessary to balance our budget without raising taxes more.
As I have talked to people around the county during this election cycle, I consistently heard that people are looking for a well-qualified candidate who can reform our county government; a candidate with the experience and integrity to be a fair and impartial judge; a candidate who can fix our budget and stop the ever increasing taxes that threaten our families; and a candidate who is willing to listen to the input of others before making a decision.

I have many years of experience in the legal system, beginning as a Security Policeman on active duty in the Air National Guard, continuing as a police officer, and then as a Judge. My experience in law enforcement was invaluable to my duties as a Justice of the Peace and Municipal Court Judge as it gave me the knowledge and perspective necessary to fairly apply the law in court. That same experience will serve me well presiding over Class A and B Misdemeanors at the county court level.
In 2013, I was elected Mayor of Cisco, becoming head of the municipal government. As Mayor, I worked with multi-million dollar governmental budgets, always striving to improve services while keeping costs low. This also gave me key insight into how our tax system has failed us and allowed politicians to constantly shift the blame to someone else. We need a judge willing to take responsibility and search for areas to improve efficiency and cut costs.

My years of training in military and law enforcement have also given me the experience needed to be the Emergency Management Coordinator for our County. Our fire departments have felt for too long that they don’t have a voice in county government. I will work with our police, fire, EMS and dispatch services to provide the best service for our citizens.

As you go into the voting booth on March 6th, remember that there is only one candidate with the experience necessary to do the job, the willingness to listen to your concerns, and the ability to do what is necessary to reform our county government. Vote for a Proven Leader. Vote for James King in the Republican Primary.

Paid political ad by James King for County Judge