Gordon City Council Continues Search for Water & Waste Water Manager

The Gordon City Council met in a regular meeting Monday, June 8th.  All board members were present.

The first item on the agenda concerned the water contract between Barton Water Supply and the City of Gordon.    Barton Water Supply contracts with the City of Gordon to purchase water.  The current contract was for 40 years and ends this month.  The new contract also has a 40 year lifespan, however Mayor Jack Coleman mentioned that he thought it should be shorter than that.  Another concern of the council is paying for any future upgrades to the water system that might be required because of an increase in demand.   Barbara Epperson explained that the city has requested Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)  to work up a rate structure which they haven’t yet received.  The item was tabled until the rate structure is received.

Next on the agenda was a discussion of a city website. It was agreed that city secretary, Shelby Cathey will get the password information to get into the city website so Shanon Hunt can design something for the city’s approval.

Nine applications were received for the water and waste water manager position. None of those who applied had an active Class B license and only one had a C license.   The board agreed to put the ad in the Texas Water Utilities magazine and run it one more time.  Because of the deadlines and publication of the magazine, the ad won’t appear until next month.  The board will keep those applications already submitted and add any other applications that may come in as a result of the trade magazine ad.

A discussion was held to discontinue comp time and begin paying overtime. Alderman Sam Henderson made a motion to table the item until the next meeting so they can set up sick days and vacation days before they discontinue comp time. His concern was that employees wouldn’t have any paid days to use as sick days if comp time was gone and they didn’t already have sick days set up.

The council voted to make an offer of $15,500 on the old lumberyard across from the City Park.

No action was taken on the purchase of a Gradeall.  Board members, Pat Sublett and Sherry Pierce felt the equipment was too expensive and the need wasn’t great enough. It was suggested by Sublett that they contract out any work that would require that type of equipment.

Arnold & Son’s bid was accepted for the emergency water line project which includes laying pipe and one pump station.  This pipeline will tie into Lake Palo Pinto and be used for emergency water needs.  The city has a $350,000 grant for the project and Arnold & Son had the low bid of $329,582.10.

September 12, 2015 was set as the fall clean up date.

The tax assessor collector agreement was approved.

A discussion was held about adding a credit card machine in order for customers to make their water payments with a credit/debit card. As this would add some cost to the city to take credit or debit card payments, it was agreed that if the service was offered, a fee would have to be charged. The board decided to survey customers to see how many would be interested in paying their water bill with a debit or credit card. You can let the city know if you are interested by going to their Facebook page and leaving a comment  after the survey post, or contacting city secretary, Shelby Cathey at City Hall.

Shelby Cathey and Barbara Epperson

Outgoing city secretary, Barbara Epperson handed over the reigns to Shelby Cathey by presenting her with a “city secretary” name plate for her desk.

Judy Cathey gave the schedule for the 4th of July events. A parade will begin at 5:00 p.m., hot dogs will be served at 6 p.m., live music will be from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. and fireworks (weather and conditions permitting) will be at 9:00 p.m. Cathey also mentioned they are looking for volunteers to watch the bounce houses in 30 minute segments, and to help with cooking hot dogs, serving, etc.

The board approved changing the signature card on all bank accounts to add Shelby Cathey as a signatory.

Bills were approved to pay and the meeting was adjourned.