Fifth Session of the CERRG Leadership Program

The fifth session of the CERRG Leadership Class focused on insights to “Municipal Government & Economic Development”. The class met at the Myrtle Wilkes Community Center in Cisco.

A panel discussion with city managers Darwin Archer of Cisco, Ron Duncan of Eastland and Chad Roberts of Ranger provided the group with information about municipal government functions, staffing, budgeting and local challenges. Eastland Mayor Larry Vernon also provided insights and encouragement to run for public office or serve on volunteer boards that make significant contributions to the community.

Program Coordinator Nicki Harle presented an overview of economic development, sales tax history and local programs in Eastland County. Cisco EDC Director shared information about local economic development projects. Cisco EDC board members Ronnie Ledbetter and James Ramsay gave insights to their responsibilities serving on the board.

After lunch, sponsored by Cisco EDC, the group toured RAM, Inc. CEO Richard Williams led the tour and explained about the economic impact the company has on the local economy. RAM is an engineering and manufacturing company focused on injection, compression, thermoform and vacuum form molding of precision plastic parts. Customers are world-wide and include familiar names such as Bell Helicopter, GE Aviation, Lockheed Martin and Parker Aerospace. RAM provides 40 primary jobs in Cisco and a significant contribution to the local property tax base.

The acronym used for the CERRG Leadership Program stands for Cisco-Eastland-Ranger-Rising Star-Gorman. The purpose of the county-wide program is to develop motivated, skilled and effective leaders who will contribute to the future growth and direction of Eastland County. For information about submitting an application for the 2018-2019 CERRG Leadership Program, contact the Eastland Chamber of Commerce office 254-629-2332.