Eastland City Park Receives Upgrade from Local Business

City Park Playground Equip-16-9

Following recent upgrades at the Eastland City Park, CJ Prater, Administrator of Eastland Nursing & Rehabilitation wanted to help with the park improvements.  After a conversation with City Manager Ron Duncan, Eastland Nursing & Rehab donated $1,000 to the project which was used to purchase edging material to be placed around the playground equipment to help contain soft surface material.

On July 26, a group of Eastland Nursing & Rehab staff, along with Prater and City of Eastland Public Works employees installed the edging material and the soft gravel around the playground equipment. The gravel gives children a softer landing at the end of the slide as well as the general play area for falls.  The edging will help prevent the material from shifting away during play time.

“We really appreciate Eastland Nursing & Rehabilitation for their generous contribution to our community,”  said Eastland City Manager Ron Duncan. “By their contribution and hard work our park is a safer place for our children to enjoy.  Eastland Nursing & Rehab should be commended for their community pride and for the service they offer to the area.”