Democrats of Eastland County Voter’s Guide

Democrats of Eastland County Voter’s Guide to the
March 2018 Democratic Primary

Do you need a ride to vote? You can phone Kelly at 254-294-7640. She will arrange a ride for you.

In the contested races we recommend:

U.S. Senator: Beto O’Rourke

O’Rourke is the strongest candidate to run against Ted Cruz in November 2018. He is currently the U.S. Representative from El Paso. His campaign stresses responsiveness and accountability in public service. His goal is bipartisan efforts for affective governing. His campaign refuses money from PAC and special interests, relying on grass roots support.

U.S. Representative, District 11: Jennie Lou Leeder

Leeder has positions on healthcare, education, infrastructure, energy security and safety. She is an educator from Llano and if she wins the primary, will be running against Mike Conaway in November.

Governor: Andrew White

White is by far the most qualified in this crowded race. Recommended by the Dallas Morning News, White has commonsense positions on education, human rights, healthcare, women’s health, sanctuary cities, border security, the environment, guns, property taxes, and gerrymandering.

Lt. Governor: Mike Collier

An accountant from Houston, Collier is concerned with restoring compassion to public policy. Collier has positions on public education, healthcare, immigration, border security, redistricting, property tax reform, income inequality, environment, and more.

Comptroller of Public Accounts: Joi Chevalier

An Austin entrepreneur, Chevalier is endorsed by the Dallas Morning News. If elected, she will introduce measures to improve the Texas tax system, guide investment decisions by Texas legislators, close tax loopholes, diversity state revenue sources, and adopt a more equitable revenue mix to ease property taxes.

Commissioner of the General Land Office: Miguel Suazo

Suarzo is a successful attorney who promises to bring expertise and leadership to the office of the land commissioner.

Railroad Commissioner: Roman McAllen

McAllen is endorsed by the Dallas Morning News. From South Texas, he stands against the current cronyism that defines the railroad commission.

The remaining races are uncontested, and we recommend the individuals running for the offices.

Please vote for all offices. Your vote matters!

Voting in the Democratic Primary allows you to participate in the Democratic Party County Convention, which is on March 24th at the Judge Bailey Event Center, 201 W. Main Street, Eastland.