Eastland County Water Supply District Power Outage

The Eastland County Water Supply District lost power Wednesday afternoon due to the ice storm that has been downing tree limbs all day.
Patricia Emery with Morton Valley Water Supply, Inc. posted this on Facebook:

Update on water issues from the Eastland County Water Supply District. Power was lost and is currently out at the raw water pump station at the Lake Leon dam. This means the district does not have the ability to pump water from the lake to the treatment plant, which means NO water is being treated or pumped to the City of Eastland or Ranger. Both cities and their downstream customers (Carbon, Morton Valley, Staff, Olden, etc.) have a limited supply of water to last until power is restored at the raw water pump station and water can be sent to be treated and then on to the 2 customer cities of the ECWSD.

As of 6:15, ONCOR had crews working on the fix. I am told that power lines are down and trees are in the way of putting the lines back up. The trees that are blocking the area between poles is being cleared then the lines will go back up. No estimate of time was given but they are working diligently on these issues and many many others. Conserve water.

An update through the CodeRed system from the City of Eastland at 10 p.m. warned there will be no water pressure by morning, telling customers to gather water for any necessities.